"Divya is by far the best physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. She is thoughtful and understanding, but also not afraid to make you work hard. She checks in often. She doesn’t leave you alone during appointments or expect you to know what to do next. I’d recommend her to anyone who needed a physical therapist."


"A legendary internist in Boston advised, “Very good physical therapists are worth their weight in gold.” That SO applies to Margarita! I am thrilled that Margarita is making her services available to the public –-- services that reflect a holistic and integrated approach to assessment and treatment. Her ability to evaluate is uncanny; her interventions can be unique and are always quite effective; and, her massages when part of the treatment are therapeutically wonderful! She will not disappoint!"

Mary in Concord

"I went for a physiotherapy appointment with Divya, and it was fantastic! I am 17 weeks pregnant and wanted a preventative appointment to get my body ready for the pregnancy. Naively, I thought the appointment would be all about pelvic floor exercises. However, I received a thorough body assessment and practical tips on how to make myself stronger. Divya was great at explaining what she was about to do followed by a test. I was amazed with her thoroughness, her patience, and the detail of the anatomy she went into. With all the exercises she recommended, she taught me proper form and corrected how I was doing them. And the best part - at the end, she recorded short videos of herself explaining the exercises followed by myself doing the exercise. Now I really cannot have an excuse to not do these exercises at home! I was able to ask her about some of the several 'myths' about pregnancy, and she gave me responses that were evidence-based, which I truly appreciated (filtering out all that you can read online about pregnancy).

I am definitely going to Divya again during my third trimester!"

Lata G.

"I went to Margarita at Synergy for back pain that I have had for years. I've tried exercising and massage therapy that only brought me temporary relief. Margarita did a very extensive assessment of my whole body. She worked with me to address the pain I have and changes I can make to prevent it from coming back. She takes time to understand your pain and listen to you. I've learned how to move and position my body to improve my posture and prevent painful movements. I look forward to her treatments and learning from her."

Allison L.

"A SHOUT OUT to Margarita! She kept me on the fields and slopes when I overstressed my body. Her patience and respect for my capabilities were much appreciated, as were her knowledge about my needs and ability to listen carefully. Margarita brought relief and taught me how to do that for myself. Pretty impressive!"

Andreas from Quincy

"I've seen many PT's and I thought Margarita was the most thorough, intelligent and thoughtful professional." Lenny G.

"I met Margarita when I pinched a nerve in my back and the pain was radiating; I could not drive a car. The New England Baptist Hospital sent me to their physical therapy group for treatment. Upon arrival the group informed me that insurance only paid for one day a week, and I should really have PT 3 or 4 times a week. They suggested I reach out to Margarita for private treatments.

Margarita was overwhelmingly helpful. She got me driving within two weeks, and then she guided me in reaching my new fitness goals. Margarita’s knowledge of the human body is amazing. I would recommend Margarita to anyone in need of PT or any type of training of the body."

Marc C